Fun with a Nutri Ninja

So I got a Nutri Ninja Slim for Christmas and the temptation has been to literally blend everything solid in the kitchen into pulp, much to my wife’s despair (and the kid’s amusement).

I’m not one for instruction manuals and prefer the trial and error approach to most things food related so I jumped straight in. The Nutri Ninja is a great little blend, that comes with two ‘shaker’ sized cup – so you can make and drink it straight away from the cup or store it for later. The slim version is a nice compact size and looks the part as well.

First on my list were protein pancakes, I used the recipe below and was very impressed with the results!


25g Rolled Oats

1 Banana

1 Egg

1 Scoop of Whey Protein

Chocolate chips (optional)


Blend the oats, banana, egg and whey protein. Add some coconut oil to a frying pan and pour the mixture in once the pan is hot, sprinkle the chocolate chips on top fry for 1:30 on each side and serve. You can leave out the chocolate chips and instead serve with natural yogurt and blueberries for a healthier option.

nutri ninja slim